Lakeville and East Freetown Massachusetts
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Today is Thu, Jan 20, 2022
The LPA Annual Meeting was held Monday August 3, 2009  7 pm at Eagles
Topic: Home Values
  Paul.Meleedy from the Lakeville Board of Assessors and Lakeville Tax Collector Debra Kenney
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Paul discussed home value assessments which are done by an outside firm according to the mass appraisal system. The Assessors do not set the rates, they are computed to cover that year's budget. He mentioned the 2 1/2% limit on tax raises. Paul explained procedures for abatements and exemptions and gave out forms for those interested. He encourages legitimate requests as they want to be sure equitable assessments. There is an "overlay" account for anticipated exemptions and abatements. He also gave us boat abatement forms.

Debra, our Tax Collector is often questioned on the quarterly payments since the last 2 invoices are usually higher, since the first two quarters are always estimated. They reflect the total balance for the year and adjustments are made up at the end of the fiscal year. She answered questions about online and credit card payments and explained some of the issues she faces with these methods. She is pleased that Lakeville has a very good collection rate and if there are problems, she wants people to know that payment plans can be worked out. Lakeville does not wish to get property.

In the current economic situation, all town departments suffer with a 20% reduction and some services will be eliminated. One was the online access to recent property values which will not continue to be funded. Both speakers suggested that town residents should attend the Town Meetings where their voices can be heard and lead to improved communication and possibly more beneficial decisions made.
                                                                                                         Treasurer's Report
Bren Ladino gave the financial status and reported that we  have money in the Save the Pond Fund started in 1994. Monies are received from the sales of a variety of items. More fund raising items were sold at the meeting - Save the Pond T-shirts ($10.00), Boat/Tote bags ($12.00)
BUY A T-SHIRT (T-shirts) $10.00 or (stop using plastic bags) Tote bags: $12:00 Both for $20.00
Long Pond Membership Form 2010
Fee = $10.00 Payable to Long Pond Association
203 Hemlocks Lakeville Ma 02347
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Meeting was called to attention by acting President Dave Voye. He reviewed the mission of the LPA - to preserve water quality and maintain property values and recreational use of the great pond. Bren spoke of the different treatments done over many years to control the invasive weeds found in our lake.  The Benthic Barriers were successful and the matching grant monies were used in a manner which will allow us to apply again when the economy recovers and they become available again.
Other topics included marking of the rocks in the pond which has been an issue for many years, the exceptional high water level, weeds and the future of public sewerage.