Lakeville and East Freetown Massachusetts
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Today is Thu, Jan 20, 2022

18 members present (quorum not made)

Meeting called to order by Mike Hogan at 7:37 PM. Ended at 8:25 PM

  1. Secretary report for the August 1999 General Membership meeting read and accepted by the membership.
  2. Treasurer report read by Bren Ladino. Question arose as to the balance for the Save the Pond Fund and how the money was to be used. A motion was presented as to; Funds acquired to be used for chemical treatment of the pond weeds to be kept separate from all other funds. Motion was seconded but no action taken as a quorum was not present to vote on the matter. Discussion was held as to whether the funds were collected specifically for "chemical treatment of the weeds" or "weed management in general". Suggestion was made to discuss this issue at the August meeting when more information will be available. The Long Pond Group has conducted a study of the ponds in the area and they will be represented at the August meeting by Bill Napolitano of SRPEDD.
  3. New By-Laws. It is requested that the new By-Laws which became effective January 1, 2000 be mailed out to all members prior to the August meeting. This was agreed to and the mailing will be made barring unforeseen circumstances.
  4. Guest Speaker; Chief Mark Sorel, Lakeville Police Dept.

    Chief Sorel spoke of his writing the grant request for the patrol boat which is now actively patrolling the pond areas and attempting to control activity. Previously the police dept. had to rely on the Environmental Police for a boat and this was often time consuming and scheduling conflict which made police presence almost nil. The Police boat is now slipped at Bub’s Marine from May to Oct. and readily available for any time a patrol is desired. All patrol times are varied so as to not set a pattern of when the police will be patrolling the pond. Patrols can occur from early morning to late evening without notice. The police boat is a 16 foot Princecraft with a 40 hsp. Johnson engine. Chief Sorel states that he has invited the Freetown police Dept to accompany his staff on the boat. On the Harbormaster issue the Chief is opposed to this due to the many conflicts which may arise and that the police are more trained in the areas of arrest and dealing with the DWI. The potential of conflict and verbal harassment from boaters towards the Harbormaster would be great as the Environmental police experience this negativity from many who are unaware of their "police powers".

  5. Website : Dave and Doris Voye have submitted request for response from the members as to how they want the website to operate.

- Do members want to give their E-Mail address for updates and news on the website. YES

- Would members want to upload photos and news from others. NO

- Would members want advertising capabilities or a "help wanted" section. YES

- Would members want a Forum area to post questions and answers. NO

6) Weed Posting: It is suggested that signs be posted in weed areas, notifying boaters of the weed presence, especially in the dense areas. Signs will be attained from the DEP and will be made available at the next meeting.

7) Next meeting : Monday August 14th 7:30 PM Lakeville Eagles


Long Pond Annual Meeting Minutes - Monday July 10, 2000