Lakeville and East Freetown Massachusetts
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Today is Thu, Jan 20, 2022

33 members present

  1. Treasurer report read by Bren Ladino and accepted by membership present.
  2. Minutes of the July Membership Meeting read by Ron Dufresne and accepted by membership present.
  3. President Sherry Biss introduced guest speaker Mark Howland who presented a very detailed report of the quarry operation in the area and its definite effect on the condition of Long Pond and surrounding feeder streams and brooks. A slide show and video were presented to further show the conditions created by uncontrolled soil removal and displacement of natural wetlands habitat. Mr Howland stated that concerns should be reported to the Department of Environmental Protection by calling D.E.P. staff at 508-946-2800 and voicing your opinion to correct this flagarant environment destruction. Another contact which can be made is to Mr. Shawn Walsh, D.E.P. Lawyer, 508-946-2747, assigned to the quarry investigation and and wetland violations. Mr. Howland also showed on area topigraphical maps land purchases that have been made, or are in the process of purchase and sales agreements, so as to expand further this quarry activity. Lively discussion followed Mr. Howlands’ talk with many concerned as to how this activity can be allowed to continue without corrective measurers being enforced. A letter of concern will be drafted by the Board of Directors and placed on the Web site for anyone interested in sending this letter to the area selectmen demonstrating their discontent with the handling of this operation.
  4. President Biss presented by-law revisions as requested at the July meeting for discussion and interpretation by the membership. Motion made to accept the changes as written and passed on a majority vote with no dissenting votes. New By-laws will take effect January 1, 2000.
  5. Board of Directors is minus a member therefore anyone interested in being a board member should contact Sherry Biss or any other board member to to make known your willingness to participate.
  6. Questions were asked concerning the recent newspaper articles which have appeared concerning the weed problem in the pond. Bren Ladino explained to those present that these articles were written to notify the public that there was a chemical treatment to the weed situation in the Parkhurst area. This was done without the knowledge of the board of directors or notifications being made to the various agencies concerned with the pond issues. Town selectmen , conservation commission and the area Environmental Protection staff were not notified of this treatment. The permit acquired last year by the LPA for chemical treatment was used by this group as an unbrella to attain their permit without the LPA approval. Because of this activity, changes have been made to ensure that this does not happen again in the future and any use of the LPA permit will have to be approved by the LPA Board of Directors.
  7. CRUISE NIGHT is still scheduled for August 29, 1999. Sunday night. Cruise starts at 6:00 PM in front of the Eagles Aire and will proceed around the major part of the pond. The cove areas will be avoided due to low water conditions and the potential for prop damage.
  8. Meeting adjourned at 8:55PM
Long Pond Annual Meeting Minutes - Monday August 23, 1999