Lakeville and East Freetown Massachusetts
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Today is Thu, Jan 20, 2022

Due to unavoidable circumstances, the two speakers had to cancel for tonight. We were very fortunate that Nancy Yeatts attended the meeting and generously gave her time to report news items that are of interest to Long Pond residents.

Treasurer Bren Ladino gave the financial status and reported that we have money in the Save the Pond Fund from the sales of a variety of items. More fund raising items were sold at the meeting -Save the Pond T-shirts ($10.00), Boat/Tote bags ($12.00).

Sherri Biss our President has moved out of state. We thank her for all her hard work for the many years she served. We will be waiting for nominations from the Board to fill the vacancy.

In the meantime, Vice-president Dave Voye along with Bren Ladino, ran the meeting.

Nancy Yeatts, Lakeville Selectman and Executive Board Member of EOEA (Lakes and Ponds)
Conservation Commission, Water Study Board, thanked the many volunteers who were responsible for making the benthic barrier installation a success.

Dave Voye, (Long Pond Shores) distributed new Mass Lake and Ponds Guides produced by the DCR Lakes and Ponds Staff. It was obtained from staff members who are currently checking boats and educating boaters at the ramp on weekends. He informed us of a new threat known as Asian Clams which creates problems for boats and inlets of the lake. They reproduce and clog intlets and can be found in boat engines and outdrives. They also compete for food with our native mussels and add to our difficulties with our water environment.

Questions were asked about a windmill and bridge that were possibly being erected on an island on Long Pond. Nancy Yeatts assured us that that would have to be brought before the Conservation Board and a Public Hearing would be held.

Volunteers were called for and we are pleased that some new members were forthcoming. We will be calling on them and others for help in moving the mats if this becomes a project.

We still need the support of everyone living within the pond communities in order for us to get to the solutions concerning our pond. Thanks go to the Eagles and Winberg Hardware for allowing us to use their facilities and equipment for this meeting.

Volunteers Needed for:

Long Pond Annual Meeting Minutes - Monday August 6, 2007