Lakeville and East Freetown Massachusetts
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Today is Thu, Jan 20, 2022

Treasurer Bren Ladino gave her annual report and a substantial amount of money went to the Save the Pond Fund from the sales of a variety of items. These were sold at the fair of the Lakeville Library and are still available for purchase. These include Save the Pond T-shirts ($10.00), Boat/Tote bags ($12.00) and Hot Plates ($25.00)..

Colleen Sheerin reported the success that she, Bren Ladino and Becky Levesque had in obtaining The United Way of Greater New Bedford Mini-Grant award of $1800. which will be used to purchase Benthic Barriers to be used in a Freetown cove area. The Lakes & Ponds Association will come to train us on how to use them. We are very grateful for all their efforts and hope that it will be a successful program with volunteers from Long Pond assisting in getting these mats operating next Spring.

We desperately need volunteers of many ages and abilities to effectively coordinate, communicate and physically place the mats in specific areas to assess their effectiveness as one solution to control the weeds.
Permissions from Freetown officials must be obtained, and the 8' x 100' mats need to be spread underwater in the early Spring. PVC pipes or other suitable material will be sought after as well. After approx. 6 - 8 weeks, the mats can be re-used in another location.

Nancy Yeatts, Lakeville Selectman and Executive Board Member of EOEA (Lakes and Ponds)
Conservation Commission, Water Study Board

Steve Canessa - As our new Representative he is well respected and was recognized as "Freshman Representative of the Year " and has shown great interest in Long Pond and the difficulties we face. He got immediate support from his colleagues at the State House for his bill seeking grant money for state lakes. It is too soon to tell if his bill will be passed this year.

Steve was asked a variety of questions. Amoung them was who has the responsibility for marking dangerous rocks on the lake. He pursued this and found the following:

Below you will find information that you requested regarding state markings on rocks and low-lying areas in ponds. This information was sent to me from the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs Please let me know if you have any questions, I hope this is helpful. Steve

According to the Office of Fishing and Boating Access (formerly the Public Access Board), which is an office under our Department of Fish and Game (DFG) – the boat launch at Long Pond in Freetown is owned and operated by the Town of Freetown. Check out this link and scroll down to “Long Pond”:

The Office of Fishing and Boating Access Director, Jack Sheppard, has confirmed that the boat ramp is actually owned by the Office, but the town of Freetown operates it under a management agreement with the Office. (This was something they volunteered to do). It’s a very busy lake and the Office says that the Town handles these responsibilities very nicely.

The Office is only aware of one state that marks ponds in the way that your constituent is interested in: Maryland. Apparently they also have a state office with a $20 million budget to do this. This is not the case in Massachusetts.

Red Nutile -who for years instructed us on the Free Boating Safety Class, will be moving from Long Pond and we wished him well in his new life adventures. He continues to help us with his generous efforts in seeking speakers and water quality solutions. His efforts are most appreciated!

He did inform us of the last minute cancellation of the speaker from the former Clean Quest Company despite all his efforts in arranging his presence. Eddie Barrett said he will look into another local company that proposes to do a similar water treatment.

We still need the support of everyone living within the pond communities in order for us to get to the solutions concerning our pond.

Volunteers Needed for:

Long Pond Annual Meeting Minutes - Monday August 7, 2006