Lakeville and East Freetown Massachusetts
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Today is Thu, Jan 20, 2022


Over 52 attendees
Quorum met

Sherry Biss LPA President
called the meeting to order
First order of business brought by Treasurer Bren
was in regard to the by-laws.

Current Officers and Board of Directors was approved.

Changes to By-laws approved for Article IV
Board of Directors

Section 2
Board members will be appointed by the Board as vacancies occur and will be formally approved at the next annual meeting.

Section 5e
The Executive Board shall meet as they determine necessary.


Nancy Yeatts Conservation Commissioner
Guest Speaker

Water Quality Problems and Solutions

Referring to the August 19 article in the Lakeville Independent, Nancy explained the sewer project for the west side of the lake, the most densely populated area. The satellite treatment facility may be an answer for Clark Shores, but it may be better to use a municipality like New Bedford, which has the treatment capacity and is willing to enter into an agreement. The town can borrow money and there is grant money to fund implementation of this type of project. It is in our best interest to give our input before that option is not allowed if the DEP gets involved. Nancy asked for volunteers to form a subcommittee for the study before it is too late and this alternative is not available. Call her at Town Hall 508-946-8823

We thank Nancy for all her hard work in helping to solve our water quality problems.

Representative Mark Howland

Reviewed the legislation efforts and successes made in regard to the weed problems of our lakes. This is the first time money has been funded for weed solutions in the state. Money will be coming from the boat registrations and fees both in and out of state. Environmental police have reported a large number of unregistered boats that will be fined this next year.
After January 1, 2005
all boats using Massachusetts waters will be required to display a new $5.00 invasive weed prevention sticker on their boats. The new sticker can be purchased online in January. Interested boaters can check this out after the New year at
This Fall Mark plans a Statewide school "design the boat sticker" contest. The winning design will become the new boat sticker.

It is important to note that 73% of the funds from boat registrations and the new weed prevention stickers must be aplied to eradication of weeds, and not be wasted on studies.

He also plans to help apply for the the grants to address specific cove weed treatments and asks that residents contact him with their suggestions and observations of areas most needing treatment.

He suggested that communities do best by joining together in solving this problem as they all have a common goal. This includes New Bedford, Lakeville, Freetown, Rochester and Middleboro. He mentioned that our towns have never had their transportation depts. apply for the Federal money for road runoff which polutes our water.

We would like to thank Mark for his excellent efforts done for LPA and all Mass citizens concerned about water quality. Learn more

New Technology - a Possible solution?

Michael Wehde of Clean Quest presented the CWRT Clean Water Resonator Technology which is a dissolved oxygen generator used for increasing water oxygen resulting in cleaner water. Used in golf course ponds and other ponds to remove the algae, it is another resource for consideration in solving our water problems.

He can be reached at

Long Pond Annual Meeting Minutes - August 24, 2004