Lakeville and East Freetown Massachusetts
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Today is Thu, Jan 20, 2022

 Approx. 50 members present
Registrations still accepted by mail $10. due

Secretary's report
Treasurer's report
Dave Voye read the minutes from last
August General Meeting
These were accepted

NEXT Meeting Note



Speaker Nancy Yeatts

Major concern is water quality.

Water Quality Study concluded June 2, 2002
Wells tested and problems found. A presentation of the report is planned for August and all are invited to attend at Ted Williams Camp. Further info later.

A newly funded study aimed at seeking recommendations with Nancy as Chairperson.
RFPs sent out and 9 responses are being considered for studying solutions.
Current water shed distribution was mentioned as a concern.

Seasonal Conversion
To help create the bylaws, a list of seasonal-type homes is being developed. The owners will be sent a form verifying usage and then compliance will be required for them.
An advisory committee was formed for this task.

Nancy reported that a harvester would be avalable next year to help address weed problem. There is a great amount of evidence that harvesting the weeds in Long Pond, especially Fanwort is absolutley the WRONG thing to do. We will keep our members posted on any upcoming meetings where we will need to make our thoughts known.

Red Nutile
Boating Safety Course
August 2002

  Interested party's must call the Enviromental Police at 508-790-9360 to make reservations for the class. It's advised that children under 10 not attend this class.

Lots of discussion about weed control and
our need to keep up with Town Meeting Decisions

4th Annual Boats Cruise now scheduled for
Saturday July 20, 4pm
Meet in front of the Eagles

 Request for volunteers for Board of Director positions.

We need your Participation and it's fun!

Next Meeting Note:
We plan to send out notices for the upcoming meeting, possibly changing its location to Ted Williams Camp, we expect a large turnout.

Other Issues 
Ed Warman was asked to be guest speaker for our August Meeting due to his extensive research and reports for the LPA. He agreed and also suggested we ask Bill Napalatano (SERPA) as well.

Members were asked if they would like to allow personal ads to be posted on this website due to the number of requests it has seen. The response was favorable and details for members will be forthcoming. Please add your email to the membership subscribe list if you have not done so.

 Thank you for attending!
Long Pond Annual Meeting Minutes - July 15, 2002