Lakeville and East Freetown Massachusetts
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Today is Thu, Jan 20, 2022

Meeting commenced at 7:30 PM

39 members present

Treasurer report read by Bren Ladino and accepted

New Board of Director members introduced by Sherri Biss to membership present

Guest speaker for the evening , Mr. Patrick Rogers., of the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs.

Mr .Rogers explained to the audience that he was employed by the Department of Environmental Protection, Lakeville Office, and that his agency was responsible for the management of all environmental groups operating within the state. He stated the area that the Association is involved with is part of the Taunton River Watershed. This watershed involves 38 communities and that the water from this area eventually flows to the Taunton River and out into Narragansett Bay. He further stated that our pond area is broken down into the Middleboro/Nemasket River Watershed for a more defined area when seeking assistance.

He stated that he became involved with the LPA when he learned of the aquatic weed infestation of Long Pond. He stated that the original contact from concerned people was with the D.E.P. but that agency is a regulatory board and not involved in taking an active advisory position on issues.Through his activity he has helped form the Aquatic Weed Committees in the towns of Lakeville and Freetown and has offered suggestions on the process to control and seek remedy from state agencies and legislators in the way of monetary support for weed surveys. In order to have funds appropriated for these studies , request have to be submitted by August 20 th and then the legislature reviews the request and grants the contracts on November 1. After this award there are a series of 3 –4 public hearings to get comments and input from the communities. It will take almost one year before any results will be realized.


Chart demonstration displayed of Long Pond vegetation showing native weeds and non-native weeds. Any persons interested in further identifying these plants should contact Sherri Biss or Conni Tuffile. Any persons interested in pulling these plants should contact Sherri, Connie or Gary Loranger for advise.

Copies of the new Bylaws were distributed for review to members present. Dave Voye explained the changes and opened the floor for discussion. Many concerns were aired by members and many suggestions and admendments to the proposed changes were accepted. Reduction of the quorum number to 25 from 35 was presented along with other considerations not addressed such as; no set dues rate, one member for one vote instead of family membership voting, Board of Directors to be set at 15 which will include the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer along with 11 Board of Director members, establishment of a set date for Board of Director meetings and welcome members to attend if they wish, and set a quorum for Board of Director meetings.
Motion was made to hold the vote for the new Bylaw acceptance until the August meeting. Vote passed affirmative.

Visit the Web site at

Suggestions were made for ways to keep the membership informed of association activity. The cost of newsletter mailings was shown to be costly for additional mailings. The association has established a web site which can be visited by anyone with internet access. This site is updated frequently with information and publications of area activity concerning Long Pond. This site is interactive and can be used to keep ongoing communication with others throughout the country.

Remember to mark your calendars for "BOATS ON PARADE" August 29, 1999 start time is 6:00PM
Decorate your boat and join in the fun for the evening.


This bill is currently in the office of the SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE. This bill was written for supplying funds for the control of non-native aquatic vegetation. The bill will provide one million dollars for each of five years. For further information on this bill contact Conni Tuffile at 508-947-5104 Send letters to support passage of this bill to:

David Magnani
Chairman of Science and Technology
State House Room 323
Boston, MA. 02133

NEXT MEETING; August 23, 1999 7:30 PM Lakeville Eagles Club

Meeting adjourned at 8:54 PM

Long Pond Annual Meeting Minutes - Monday July 12, 1999