Lakeville and East Freetown Massachusetts
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 August 20, 2001 Eagles Club


Secretary's report
Dave Voye read the minutes from the last
July General Meeting
These were accepted.


Treasurer's report
Bren Ladino
The only expense incurred since the July meeting was the Camp fees for the two needy children

Bren also read the treasurer's report from the last meeting for those who were not present at that time.

 Guest Speaker: Nancy Yeatts (Lakeville Conservation Committee)

Topic: water quality and its importance to our lives now and in the future.
A grant was given for studying well water quality in lieu of fines incurred by a company's environmental violations. UMASS Dartmouth Prof. Fenessey has 1 year contract to assess Long Pond shallow well water quality at 8 sites. It will compare seasonal and off season data and make recommendations for DEP and other agencies needing data for funding purposes.
We will try to keep information communicated as it is published.

A previous study (1977) had made recommendations that were not followed which could have prevented some of our now existing problems.
High School biology students June report on lake water was cited and is available at Town Lakeville.

Lots of discussion about weed control

Much discussion centered on the topic of weeds and their relationship to water quality. Taunton and New Bedford townships certainly have an interest in this area as their water supply is directly affected.

Suggestions were made to create well researched and written letters to our Representatives getting support for state agencies to help in solving the weed problem. There is no easy or single solution to this vast lake problem. Many alternatives were listed, none alone being a solution, so three members offered to help research successful ventures of other lake communitiies. We will create a page of website links specifically dealing with weed problems such as Controlling Aqautic Vegetation with Grass Carp

Charitable Donation Appreciated by Children
The 2 needy children sent to Cathedral Camp were very appreciative. Click here for excerpts from their thank you letters.
3rd Annual Boats Cruise now scheduled for Saturday August 25, 4pm
Meet in front of the Eagles
Boating Safety Course

Red Nutile and Doug Murphy are teaching a boating safety course in conjunction with the Environmental Police and the Auxiliary Coast Guard

Long Pond Annual Meeting Minutes - Monday August 20, 2001