Lakeville and East Freetown Massachusetts
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Today is Thu, Jan 20, 2022
Thanks go to our Environmental Police!
Checking to make sure all safety regulations are met.
Seen here are Lt. G.H. Santos and Officer Debra Astle working on a busy Sunday at the Freetown Boat Ramp. Although they may not always have the best of facilities, they still manage to help the many lake enthusiasts enjoy Long Pond safely.
Clark Shores
Long Pond Shores
Hemlock Shores
Hemlock Point
Dean's Point
Hilltop Acres
Huckleberry Shores
Churchill Shores
Nelson Shores
Fuller Shores
Heaven Heights
Cleveland Park

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Please be proactive and join our association now to prevent problems in the future. If you want to keep and protect your future consider joining the Board of Directors now..
Local Associations
There are Resident Members and Associate Members.

Resident members:  Membership in this category is open to all households residing within and/or owning property within the following boundaries:

1 The southerly side of Highland Road, from the  corner of Route 18, proceeding west along Highland Road to  Route 140 S.
2 The easterly side of Route 140 to County Road, the easterly side of County Road, proceeding south along County Road  crossing the Freetown line, to Mason Road.
3 The northerly side of Mason Road, proceeding east to Route 18. The westerly side of Route 18 ,proceeding north to Bedford Street.
4 The southerly side of Bedford Street, proceeding northwest to Highland Road.
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LPA Bylaws
What do we need most? VOLUNTEERS!
Come to the Annual Meeting and mix with members. Call Bren 508-942-0242 if you are interested in joining the LPA or helping out at one of the events. We have fun and keep our Lake Clean!
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Group formed for FLOOD Prevention read more