Lakeville and East Freetown Massachusetts
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Today is Thu, Jan 20, 2022
The Lond Pond Association, a volunteer organization, is dedicated to the preservation of the lake.

Its purpose is to educate the public and its members to:
*promote the responsible use of the lake.
*stabilize and protect the water level
*preserve Long Pond's status as a complete recreational body of water
*serve as the organized voice for its membership with township and state government
Each lake is unique and each has its own group of people - the property owners and visitors to the lake - who are passionate about the quality of the lake and its future. It is human nature to protect what we care about, and it is up to everyone who cares about a particular lake to leave it clean as a legacy for future generations.
Sometimes, our association tries to solve a particular problem, such as an infestation of the aquatic nuisance species Eurasian watermilfoil.
This may include supporting wildlife preservation, informing the public of the results of water quality monitoring, teaching and promoting the practices which protect the water quality of the lake ecosystem, and encouraging safe recreational use of the lake.
Volunteers Successfully Install Barrier Mats May 7, 2007
Mission Statement
To protect and/or improve the water quality of Long Pond
Eradicate the invasive weeds
To stabilize and protect the water level
To preserve Long Pond's status as a complete recreational body of water
To preserve the wildlife and ecosystem health of the pond
In general, protect the property rights and promote the general welfare of Long Pond and its members