Lakeville and East Freetown Massachusetts
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Today is Tue, Nov 30, 2021

Sherry Biss President brought the meeting to order and introduced Board Members Bren Ladino Treasurer, and Dave Voye Vice-President. Bren gave the Treasurer's report.

Nancy Yeatts (Conservation Commissioner) brought our attention to the recent passage of Mark Howland's Legislation to help us with funding for solving the weed problem of our lake. Enthusiastic appreciation was given to Mark for his outstanding efforts. Nancy also updated us with information about potential septic solutions on the west side of the lake.

Lakeville Wastewater Solutions for Long Pond Meeting
August 4 Apponequet HS Lecture Hall, 7 PM
Board of Health, Board of Selectmen, Water Study Board

Residents are encouraged to attend for discussion on Phase II recommendations with Engineering Firm of Camp, Dresser and McKee.

A request to allow volunteers to work with the LPA Board in temporary positions until they can be formally approved at the general meeting was accepted by attendees. We need more people to volunteer to help with newsletters in order to have effective annual meetings.
A motion to amend the bylaws is planned for the upcoming August meeting.

We thank the three new people who have volunteered
Jane Freeman
Maryann Tulimieri


NEXT Meeting Monday evening
August 23 Eagles 7:00 PM

State Representative Mark Howland
Efforts Result in Success for obtaining funds for our weed problems

Mark's bill which provides $400,000 for a program to help eliminate milfoil, fanwort, and other exotic plants from the lakes of the Commonwealth was passed desipte the Governor's veto. Mark's persistence and getting the support of his fellow legislators is responsible for this success.. Funding will come from a $5 charge on the registration of recreational boats. Also Environmental Police will be able to enforce a $10 fee for out of state boat registrations towards this end.
Mark's bill, H3561 allows a commission to temporarily close off a body of water to remove invasive weed species for 60 days during a season is up for approval this Friday July 30.

The letters campaign and phone calls really made a difference and he asks that we continue this support in the future.

Visit his site for details Click the invasive weeds link.

Protecting our Ponds and Lakes (power point presentation)

Red Nutile reminded us of the upcoming Boating Safety Course and informed us that is is likely that legislation requiring certifcation for anyone driving a boat is imminent.

Long Pond Annual Meeting Minutes - July 26, 2004