Lakeville and East Freetown Massachusetts
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Today is Tue, Nov 30, 2021

20 members present – NO QUORUM

  1. Treasurer report : Bren Ladino read the treasurer report as updated from last meeting.
  2. Secretary report: Ron Dufresne read the July Membership meeting minutes.
  3. Guest Speaker: Bill Napolitano , SERPPED

Mr. Napolitano began his talk stating that he has filed for and received a grant for water study. His grant was awarded under the title, "SOURCE WATER ASSESSMENT PROTECTION". This allows him and his group to work closely with all the various groups now studying the watershed area. Together they hope to achieve a plan that will offer recommendations to the local towns and regulatory boards to correct the water contamination areas and identify common problems that affect the local waterways. This grant allows the group to check into all the possible areas where water can be produced from and where pollutants can be derived from to supply the invasive aquatic weeds with nutrients. Birds, boat traffic, road runoff and storm drains are all contributors to this problem. Also to be looked at are lawn maintenance program for areas around the ponds so that lawn fertilizers and care can be done without potential hazard. The completed plan will include 6 or 7 recommendations to evaluate where areas can be improved or regulated.

D.E.P. wants to keep the public informed and is seeking volunteers to help with the water quality testing for "hot spots" now known in the various waterways. Also they want to keep the Taunton and New Bedford water departments involved as they have a major area of water under their control and can be of great asset to the study. Results from this study could possibly open future funding for "weed control issues"

4) Request for volunteers for Board of Director positions: NO VOLUNTEERS

Slate of Officers now in office offered to remain in position as no quorum present to

vote on the matter.

5) Request made for LPA to check into any regulations as to excessive loud boat motor

noise. Position of the LPA is to maintain the pond for ALL boating and recreation

and not to single out any group for action to be taken. This argument is recommended

to be brought to another agency for control and monitoring.

Meeting ended at 8:35PM

Long Pond Annual Meeting Minutes - Monday August 14, 2000